Get NID Card Online Copy Very Easily & Know all About NID

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How do I download my NID card online copy?

Nowadays, almost all document services are available online. And NID service is one of the online services. Now all you need to do is to download an online copy of the Nid Card.

You first open the Chrome browser on your phone/PC. Then type NID bd and search in the browser. After searching a page called will be displayed.

Now enter this page. After entering you will see many services mentioned. Among the services, you will select the option named (Register).

After selecting another selection building interface will show. There you can register at the bottom left of the page. Click on this registration text. After clicking, it will take you to the account name page.

There will be three spaces. Options are National Identity Card Number, Date of Birth, and Captcha Code. Please fill in the options correctly.

If you have trouble understanding the captcha code, refresh. Refresh will bring another new code. After filling in this code click on submit button. After submission proceeds to the next step.

In this step, you need to provide your current address and permanent address. Full details of the Division, District, and Upazila are not required.

After filling them, click on the (Next) button below. Now you will get the mobile number option. Enter the number you provided while generating the NID card.

After entering the number click on send message option below. 6-digit SMS will go to that number. After entering the SMS code, click on Apply button.

After clicking submit button your name image will appear. Next to the picture, you will get two options to skip and set a password. If you set a password, you can easily access this page later Click the skip button if you don’t want to.

By clicking on the skip button you can see the complete profile of your NID card and the download option next to it. Click on the download option and your NID card will be downloaded as a PDF file.

Now you can print it from any printer shop. This card can be used for all purposes like the original card. In this way, you can download an online copy of your NID card online without any hassle at home.

How can I check my NID details?

Now you can know the details of the nid very easily. You can easily get complete information about your NID by calling the NID helpline on mobile.

NID helpline is closed on public holidays. And it is open weekdays Sunday-Thursday. On these days you can call from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The helpline number is 105 If you call this number, the designated officer will tell you all the details of your NID If you are a new voter. And if you don’t have a NID card.

Then call this number 105 and mention your voter slip number, and you will know the new NID card number.

How can I get my NID 17-digit number?

You can easily get 17 digit NID card number by applying through your mobile. To do this you need to send an SMS to 105 from your mobile.

Write all the letters of the SMS in capital letters. Go to the SMS option of the phone first write “SC” and enter “NID” with space. After writing “NID” enter 17 digit NID number with space again.

If your NID has 13 digits then enter your year of birth before the 13th digit. Adding a 4-digit year gives 17 digits. Now send this SMS to 105.

A few days after sending, you will be notified by a return SMS from 105 that your application has been successful. This way you will get 17 digit NID number from your mobile without any hassle.

How can I know my NID number by registered mobile number?

You can easily know how many numbers are registered with NID from your mobile. To know this you need to dial a code by registered mobile number / SIM.

Here is the code *16001#. After dialing this code a pop-up will appear on your mobile screen. In that pop-up, you enter the last 4 digits of your NID card.

After entering the last 4 numbers, click on the send button. After sending it will notify you all the numbers registered in NID through SMS to your specified number.

NID card online copy.

We often face many problems for nid cards. Sometimes lost sometimes destroyed. Solving these problems is not easy.

Sometimes union Parishad, sometimes Upazila, and sometimes district level have to go repeatedly to solve the problem. It causes us a lot of trouble and costs money.

However, the correct solution is not found. But you can easily get all types of NID card problem solutions online at home.

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