New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete Robot Cop

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The development of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence has opened up a wide range of possibilities for military and law enforcement applications. One of the most promising developments in this field is the creation of a new type of robot known as the “Robot Cop.”

The Robot Cop is a highly advanced robotic system designed to perform a variety of tasks that are typically carried out by human law enforcement officers. Equipped with a range of sensors and cameras, the Robot Cop is able to gather and analyze data in real-time, allowing it to detect and respond to potential threats more quickly and accurately than a human officer could.

One of the key benefits of the Robot Cop is its ability to operate in dangerous or hazardous environments that would be too risky for a human officer. For example, the Robot Cop could be used to respond to a chemical spill or a nuclear accident, where the risk of exposure to harmful substances would be too great for a human officer to handle.

In addition to its ability to operate in hazardous environments, the Robot Cop is also able to perform tasks that are physically demanding or repetitive, freeing up human officers to focus on more complex tasks. For example, the Robot Cop could be used to patrol a large area, allowing human officers to focus on more targeted patrols and investigations.

Despite the many potential benefits of the Robot Cop, there are also a number of concerns that have been raised about its potential impact on the workforce. Some critics have argued that the deployment of the Robot Cop could lead to the displacement of human officers, leading to job loss and economic disruption.

Others have raised concerns about the ethical implications of using robots in law enforcement, arguing that the deployment of the Robot Cop could lead to abuses of power or the erosion of civil liberties. There are also concerns about the potential for the Robot Cop to malfunction or be hacked, leading to serious consequences.

Despite these concerns, the development of the Robot Cop has continued, and it is likely that we will see more widespread deployment of these robots in the coming years. As with any new technology, it is important to carefully consider the potential benefits and risks of the Robot Cop, and to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the public and the workforce.

In conclusion, the Robot Cop represents a promising new development in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, with the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement operations. However, it is important to carefully consider the potential impacts of this technology, and to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the public and the workforce.

Contemporary Trends of ICT

Robot Cop

There is nothing new to say about the use of information and communication technology. In our country, if one has only a mobile phone in one’s hand, one can talk about it in almost any part of the world, train tickets can be deducted, bank money can be calculated, electricity

bills can be paid, health advice is available, agricultural advice is available. And if that phone is a 3G-enabled smartphone then there is no question. If you have an internet connection, the phone will provide information ranging from video conferencing to how much food can be bought at a street store in a city.

In a sense, just one mobile phone is going to bring the whole world in the palm of your hand. And if we talk about other mediums (TV, radio, computer, internet, etc.), this list will not end. This shows how widespread the impact and use of information and communication technology is in today’s world.

Artificial Intelligence

Robot Cop
Efforts have been made for many years to bring the machine closer to the human level. The biggest difference between instruments and humans is intelligence. Naturally, human beings are born with intelligent thinking techniques, analytical abilities.

But when it comes to instruments, things like intelligence, thinking, analysis, etc. become quite troublesome.

Normally the instrument works according to the instructions given to it.

But is it even possible to make a device that would understand the situation on its own and work with human-like decisions? It is from such thinking that research on artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence begins. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence that enables a machine to think like a human. A lot of an instrument

It is not wise to store information. The intelligent instrument is called when an instrument is like a human being

Will answer different questions and make any difference between the answer of the questioner and the answer of the person Can’t This type of test is called a Turing test. “Couldn’t pass.

A computer is a device. If any instruction is given in the computer, the computer is very skilled to work according to that. But computers can’t do anything outside of instructions.

If there is a program on a computer that can keep track of the company employees ‘names, working hours, and salaries, then that program cannot answer the question of why employees’ salaries should not be increased.

He will just work according to his program. He has no answer to the thing he does not know. Again, there are many complex programs that can simultaneously perform many types of data calculations.

There are also examples of computer chess players losing the world’s best grandmaster. But it is not intelligence. His programming is done in such a way that his calculations about the opponent’s chess game are accurate.

Computers with artificial intelligence, on the other hand, rely on information they know to answer unknown questions

Chapter Information and Communication Technology World Bangladesh Perspective

You can. Suppose there is a program on a computer that measures the weather and the color of the grass next week, but it calculates the growth rate of the grass with the next week’s temperature, rainfall data, and what color the grass is. Able. This is the difference between artificial intelligence and ordinary devices. It is hoped that the next generation of computers will be given artificial intelligence programs.


Robot Cop
For those who read science fiction books, watch science fiction movies, do science research, the robot thing is very old. The robot can be called an automatic robot in simple Bengali. Although robots are the contribution of modern science, they started long ago. Some of the automated instruments used by the Arab scientist Al Jazeera in the 1200s were the “drinking machine that automatically supplied guests with drinks, the” hand washing machine “that controlled the water supply for bone washing as well as timely soap and towels, the” musical robot band “which It was said that this was the first attempt to create a robot, so the scientist Al Jazari was called the father of robotics.

Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the structure, design, functions, control, information exchange, etc. of robots. Robotics has become more and more popular due to its increasing success in research on robots. Like other devices, a robot is a device that performs perfectly fast. The robot can perform the tasks assigned to it accurately and precisely and does not require any human supervision. The robot is instructed through programming.

Nowadays different types of robots are used for different purposes. For example, robots are being used instead of humans in heavy factories and risky constructions. Dangerous research robots are used to test. In addition, in warfare, the robot has been performing its duties as a security guard to defuse bombs, to catch criminals in dangerous missions, in space exploration, as an envoy of the earth to the moon. Robots are human in medical, research, surgery, etc.

The day is succeeding as an assistant. In addition to these, robots are made for the purpose of helping households to take care of physically challenged elderly people. Just as the Sony company builds the “Ibo” robot, the puppies of Holda’s “Asimo” can break and move like humans.

We are also lagging behind in research on robots. The Chandrabot-to-Robot, designed by BRAC University students in a competition organized by NASA last year, ranked first in Asia and third in the world. MIST and BUET teams won the first and third prizes in the same competition in 2013.

BRAC IUT students from other universities in Bangladesh successfully participated in the competition with their respective robots.


Robot Cop

Cryosurgery is not common in Bangladesh. According to a report by Zakia Begum, chief scientific officer of the Atomic Energy Commission, this method has been used to treat various skin lesions for hundreds of years.

As it is very effective in this case, various skin diseases such as sesame, mole, acne, mechta, various types of tumors, and this method are still used. It is also used in various treatments including piles, oral cancer, prostate, and some bone cancers, including cervical cancer.

Or in the case of those who can cope with the stress of surgery or radiotherapy and for the purpose of destruction of some organs, even if the therapy is applied extensively, this method of treatment is effective.

The surgical procedure is simple. A narrow tube is inserted into the area of ​​the body where the surgery is to be performed, then a cold gas is inserted through it and the inner cells are frozen.

Nitrogen or argon gas is used as the coolant. Depending on the size of the wound, the type of tissue, the depth, the method of application of the gas, and the degree of cooling are determined. Similarly

This procedure is repeated several times. The frozen cells are then allowed to melt. After reaching the desired state, these melted cells are either allowed to be absorbed by the body in the normal process or they come out on the surface of the body and form a hard covering rash that disappears within a few days.

A special advantage of this method is that it can be applied repeatedly to reach the desired goal. Temperatures of minus 40 to minus 50 degrees Celsius are usually applied to kill cancer cells.

Cryosurgery is performed using local or general anesthesia. Preparatory hassle is minimal and treatment can be completed in a very short time. The process can be accomplished with very few cuts. So the chances of infection are much less and more expensive than conventional surgery.

There is usually no pain after surgery, but moderate pain may be felt, which is relieved by taking general pain medication. In some cases, rashes appear, but they go away quickly. Although skin can usually be treated in a short time, some cancers can take up to two hours and may require repeated treatment.

Cryosurgery is becoming very popular in the treatment of prostate cancer in older patients. The study found that 96 percent of patients remain cancer-free for up to one year and 82 percent for five years after receiving treatment with cryosurgery.

Space Exploration

Robot Cop

Aristarchus (the first Greek astronomer) has long fascinated people with the mysteries of the infinite sky and the mysterious hand of stars. People like Icarus in Greek mythology are exploring different planets and stars in space today.

Just in time Simultaneously, changes are coming in technology and art techniques. Space technology is the technology that deals with the exploration of humans in space, research on other planets, and the discovery of other intelligent creatures in space.

However, weather forecasting, GPS (with which location is known), satellite television, satellite radio – all rely entirely on space technology.

Everything that has been achieved in the 21st century regarding space has been made possible by the magic of information and communication technology. From the conquest of the moon to the launch of satellites into space, exploring other planets to learn about the earth, all this has been possible due to the contribution of communication technology.

The success of each space mission depended on these four steps of processing, sending, storing, and distributing data. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

And it goes without saying that a device located billions of kilometers away from the Earth needs very high-quality technology to control and maintain communication. The instruments used in space exploration can be roughly divided into two parts, manned vehicles, and instrumental vehicles.

In space research, it is more convenient to send artificial intelligence instruments than humans. This is because such instruments can handle a variety of calculations and deal with uncertain situations. At the same time can play a human-like role in any situation. It is less expensive

Non-communication technology world and Bangladesh perspective

There is no risk to life. NASA launched the Voyager-2 spacecraft in 1986.

After so many years, it still continues its journey and has given the Earth all the breathtaking images and information of our solar system, including Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune.

As a result of the successful application of communication technology in space research, in the future NASA is considering launching tourist and cargo vehicles for business purposes in space. If all goes well, the journey of such a spacecraft is supposed to start in 2018.

Scientists are also thinking of living on planets other than Earth in science fiction stories. It has already been announced that a permanent base camp on Earth will be built on the moon by 2024.

The announcement is being hailed as the first human settlement on other planets, especially on Mars.

ICT Dependent Production

The use of technology in product production, supply, and advertising is increasing day by day. Just by thinking about the system of production, one can understand how strong the influence of technology is in business and the economy.

At present, the products are being manufactured in the factory in a computer-controlled, fully automatic manner without the touch of a hand. As a result, on the one hand, it is possible to produce many products in a very short time, and on the other hand, the cost of production is lower as there is no possibility of wasting raw materials.

Technology is also used to design the devices. Now the perfect CAD (Computer-Aided Design) zoom is used with the help of software to design any instrument, product, product. This makes it possible to formulate an absolutely perfect design. How many people are working in the factory, who is working in which department, how many

Working hours are all recorded with the help of software. As a result, how many days will it take to reach production capacity, how many workers will it take, how many hours will each have to work. It is possible to calculate all this in advance.

This is just about the employees, just like in the case of products.

The software can accurately calculate how much product is being produced, how much raw material will be required when a product is being produced, how much it is costing, how long it will last, how the product packaging will be selected, what product will be delivered in which area, how much profit will be made.

In addition to product production, sophisticated equipment or modern technology is used in every step of product quality control, laboratory quality testing, attractive packaging, packet sealing, etc.

Technology has an impact on the production of not only industrial products but also other products such as agricultural products.

Before cultivating the land, a farmer can test the soil at the nearest Agricultural Information Center to know which type of crop will be best on that land. Accordingly, you can prepare the soil with natural and artificial fertilizers.

Knowing the weather forecast, you can decide when it will be best to plant seeds. Once the tree grows, you can use modern eco-friendly bait to protect it from insects and spiders.

In case of a fungal attack on the tree, it is possible to know what kind of medicine should be used from the information center. Then the land can be irrigated with the help of modern diesel motors, drum mills, animal traps.

Even after harvesting, various machines are used, such as threshing machines, cold storage for storage, etc. AWD (AWD Alternate Wetting and Drying) Watering and drying of water are known in many villages as a ‘magic tube’. In this country, 3 to 4 thousand liters of water are used to produce 1 kg of paddy.

A large part of which is wasted water. It has been observed that after the use of AWD or magic tube, the farmers are able to avoid wastage of water, and in the case of irrigation, they can be freed from the folly of extra expenditure.

Also foreign fruits and vegetables, techniques are being discovered on how to cultivate our soil. Guava, tomato, capsicum, strawberry, etc. are available in our country all year-round. All this is possible with the help of technology.

Agricultural Information and Communication Centers have been set up at the village level to provide agricultural information services to the farmers.

In our country, there is a government website ‘Agricultural Information Service’ ( for any kind of agricultural assistance. There are also many private sites that provide information on agriculture. “Agrobangla” ( is one such site.

Not only a website but also a mobile phone has various agricultural benefits.

One of the services of Banglalink, a mobile service provider in Bangladesh, is “Jignasa ৭৬৭৬”, the solution to any problem related to agriculture can be found on the mobile phone by calling this number. Kashfiya is providing training and necessary advice to farmers in organic vegetable cultivation.

The project is being implemented in Japan’s QUO, Bangabandhu Agricultural University, Grameen Communication and Win Inc. Kapadia, and Chandpur with the help of JICA.Defense

In today’s world, the defense system has undergone a radical change with the advent of technology.

Today, the biggest challenge facing a country’s defense forces is to protect the confidentiality of important information and to prevent the smuggling of information.

Data signals can be encrypted with the help of technology. This means that if someone is eavesdropping on a telephone or mobile conversation, they can be detected and misled by sending the wrong data. As a result, high-level secret talks in the country are safe.

And in developed countries, CCTV cameras are installed at every corner of the road. The footage is collected from the camera as soon as a crime is committed. Then from there take the picture of the criminal from the original information center to his address, phone call history, car number, bank balance, etc. all the information, even

Where is the last bus or train to come and go, all such information is gathered? As a result, it is very easy to catch the culprit. In addition, the use of technology has reduced human participation on the battlefield. Now using robots instead of humans in the war ahead.

Being. The use of remote-controlled missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones is increasing day by day. Attack them again. Long-range rocket launchers are also used. As a result, casualties are declining.