Esomaz App Adds New Features to Make It More Useful 2024

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This society is a social media platform through which anyone can send friend requests, communicate with each other, and share their emotions like Facebook. But one special thing about it is that there are some opportunities to earn money through it if you have any skill then you can earn money through Skillshare it can be any skill. Also, several more updates have been added and new features have been improved. Even if someone has no experience, they can earn by viewing advertisements.

What is the Esomaz App?

We may have a question whether this society is a social media platform through which we can find solutions to various problems with our daily communication. And the most important thing is to make a Bangladesh as we share our various photos on Facebook. But it would be wrong to call it social media, it is an app where all the content is presented. Social media can be called a freelancing platform, can be called online school, can also be called a good source of earning.

What is new in the 2023 update?

Among the new updates in 2023 care updates have added some features such as the ability to find full-time jobs through the app there is a job section from where one can find jobs easily. And there is an opportunity to develop your skills by selling online courses or buying online courses. Moreover, one more update is the opportunity to earn on Eds Day.

Apart from these new features, the Esomaz app 2023 update also includes many improvements to the existing features. For example, the chat function has been redesigned and made user-friendly to make it easier to communicate with friends and family. The search function has also been improved to make it easier to find people and content So that anyone can use it very easily.

New Features Ability to earn money

Among the new updates of the Samaj App, the best update is the money-earning potential here in the way this social media platform is designed or functions. In that, we can say that money can be a good means of earning if it is used properly. Because from now on there are many ways to earn money. It is possible to earn money easily by using any of the methods.

Ability to find new opportunities

The possibility of getting new opportunities through this app is very high first of all it is a Bangladeshi app so we can do transactions very easily using the Bangladeshi payment method then the competition is much less here so the possibility of getting work from here be very high moreover this developer is a freelancer Nashim full making of this app will do So that there are more clint cells.

Improvements to existing features

Whatever this social media platform or freelancing marketplace is, a new entrepreneur needs to update the functions that are added to it slowly and take it to a professional level.

This app had some issues like reactions now these are resolved and they are no problem anymore also its design has been changed a lot so that anyone can use it professionally.

User Experience

Talking about the user experience of this app, it is still under construction but gradually it will go to a very good stage as the developer of this app is a web and apps developer so he knows very well how to make an app user-friendly and user experience wise. Better performance can be done so we are waiting for time and waiting for updates. But it is better than the stage it is now.

As per previous apps still a great level if you are looking for an app that can be a good source of social media as well as earning and want to find all the options in one then esomaz can be a great option.

How to Use the Esomaz App

To use this app you need to download it from Google because it is not yet approved in Play Store or it will be available in Play Store very soon but now if you want to use it then you have to download and use it after searching in google.

You can also learn how to use it by watching YouTube tutorials to learn more about it, but learning how to use it is very important because it can be a great source of employment for you.

Some coins can be earned after watching ads from here which can be difficult to do without complete knowledge so it is very wise to work after watching any tutorial video from YouTube.