NID Card Check: Check Your National Identity Card Status Online

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The National Identity Card (NID) is a compulsory identity document issued to every Bangladeshi citizen upon turning 18 years of age by Bangladesh Election Commission (EC). The NID is also a biometric, microchip-embedded smart identity card. We all know how important the NID card is so checking the NID card is also very important.

There can be various reasons for checking a NID card: 

  1. Information about your current ID card status and when you can get a smart card if you don’t have a smart card and also to correct various information on your ID card may be very necessary to check the ID card.
  2. Also, if you are a company or business owner, if you need to hire an employee, then it is very important to check your ID card to verify that the employee is providing you with an original ID card or a fake ID card.
  3. Also, if you are a new voter, you will get a form number through which you can check whether your NID card is currently available online. Once the check is complete, if your NID card is available online, you can easily download it and use it for all purposes.

Now the main purpose is to check our NID card well and for any purpose today we will discuss in detail how to check or download a NID card A to Z through this article all the details will be discussed.

The National Identity Card (NID) and its importance in Bangladesh

If you are above 18 years then National Identity Card is mandatory for you as well as it is of immense importance. Because you can’t do anything without national identity card. You will be required to submit or show National Identity Card for all activities.

And if you are forced to show your national identity card or if you are forced to verify it, you cannot do that. In the context of Bangladesh, the national identity card is used for almost all work, starting from employment, education, even SIM registration, land office, court work, it is impossible to go without NID.

How to Nid Card Check online (Method 1)

If you want to check the information on your website and see the details of what is included in your NID card and what information is given, if you want to see all the information in full, then enter this website first. Then you have to register an account by clicking on the register button. During the successful registration of the account you have to provide some information which should match with your NID card like your district police station village postal code etc.

Nid Card Check online

Once these details are entered correctly, you will receive an OTP on the same phone number you used while becoming a voter. If for any reason you do not have that phone number or it is not usable then you can easily change your phone number.

Nid Check From

verify phone number

Verify face

I have marked all the points in image form for ease of understanding but again I am saying that first of all enter this website and click on the register option then enter your address and phone number after verification a QR code will appear in front of you.

An app called NID Wallet should be installed on your phone and your face should be verified by scanning that key, it will take you to a new page after face verification. The page that will tell you which password you want to set or skip, you can set the password as per your wish.

Otherwise, the Skip will come to your profile page through that profile page you can check all your information. Which you need and it is also possible to change them from here but to change you have to pay some change fee but from here is the only way to change.

Nid Card Profile

Then your profile face will be shown here and if you notice here you can see that the download profile including password change etc. is given here. You can click on those options to see all your options in detail.

How to Nid Card Check online ( Method 2 )
Nid Card QR Code Check

All NID cards have such barcodes on the back, through which it is possible to extract many other information including the name, address, date of birth of a NID card. If you want to monitor the ID card better, you can scan it by scanning the QR code on any smart phone.

If your phone doesn’t have a default QR code scanner then you can install any QR code apps from play store and if you scan the barcode well you can notice that name date of birth and address is showing if its font doesn’t match with the information on side then think it is fake nid.

How to Nid Card Check online ( Method 3 )

Nid Card Check Online Other People

This method of checking NID card can be called a very good method and interesting method because with this method you can check anyone’s NID card anytime and collect his original information if a person gives you a fake nid card.

And if you want to verify whether the NID card is original or duplicate chamber, has he changed any of his information, whether his face matches with his photo, detailed information, you can verify the information without his permission and without any face verification or mobile number verification.

For that, first of all you have to enter this website and provide some information including your NID card number and any phone number. After providing this information, when you click on the next button, you will receive an OTP on your phone. As soon as you insert the otp, the detailed information along with its image will appear in front of you through which you verify.

Other people nid check

Why NID card shows error while downloading

While downloading NID card it shows some things which are the main reason of showing:

  1. Giving wrong date of birth or form number
  2. Being under eighteen years of age
  3. And sometimes this server shows error because it is busy so you can try again after some time

Rules for checking ID card by number

If you want to get your NID card number only then you can visit land tax website and from there you can see all your details by providing your NID card number.

What to do if NID card number is not known

Many times our form number is lost in case we can’t download ID card from online. If our form number is lost due to any reason then we can know our NID number by calling 100 side and then using that NID number we can download and collect NID card.

NID Card Check FAQ

Q: What is a nid card?

Answer: A nid card is a national identity card issued by the Election Commission of Bangladesh. Through this, we can say that we are citizens of Bangladesh as an identity card, that is, without an NID card, you cannot claim yourself as a citizen of Bangladesh.

Q: Why is it important to check your nid card?

Answer: There are many reasons why NID card is very important such as in employment, education, business and also if you don’t have NID card you can’t identify as a citizen of Bangladesh and you can’t vote so its importance can be said to be immense.

Q: How can I check my nid card online?

Answer: There are many ways to check NID card I have mentioned the important ways above I hope if you read this post thoroughly then you will understand how to check NID card but if you have problem to understand then comment.

Q: What do I do if I find errors in my nid card?

Answer: When we try to download NID card with form number or try to identify NID number, sometimes it shows one where it is mentioned that we can’t find the information you give, in that case you check your age and form number well, if there is no problem in both, then you can give 105. They will ask you some other information like your name your father name mother name from number and date of birth then provide your NID number you can try later with that NID number.

But there can be another important reason why you are getting hero message again and again is that you are a new voter but your NID card is not generated yet wait for the confirmation sms on your phone when the confirmation sms will arrive on your phone then you will be sure that your NID card has been generated and you are eligible to download it.

Q: How can I protect my nid card from fraud?

Answer: If your NID card is lost or damaged due to any reason or not received yet, you never go to get your NID card from an untrusted computer store, in that case they will use different methods to create fake NID card which is an invalid NID card and it can be checked anytime easily and you can be in danger with it. So always take care of yourself.

Q: How long is a nid card valid for?

Answer: NID Card Expiration varies from person to person or from time to time. In case your NID card expires according to the time you collect the NID card, you can check the expiry date of your NID card on the back of your NID card.

Q: What happens if I lose my nid card?

Answer: In case of loss of your NID card, first of all you can make a GD at the police station that your NID card is lost after making a GD at the police station. You can check online whether you can download your NID card if you can download your NID card online then you can continue working with it.

If for any reason your NID card cannot be downloaded from online then you can apply to your nearest district office and they will take some free and you will get it to us very soon. But you should never think of making a fake NID card as you will be doing your own harm then try to avoid fake NID.

Q: What is the process for updating my nid card information?

Answer: A very easy way to update NID card you can enter the official website of NID card and with your information you will login to your account and from your edit option you can change any information you want.

You will need some charges to change the ID card information and submit the documents you have like your certificate birth registration your parents NID card etc as proof then they will take some time and deliver your ID to you.


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