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IMO lite and imo Is the most popular App in Bangladesh. That being said, it can be installed on everyone’s phone. today we will know all information about imo Lite / imo. This post is all about its good and bad sides. And more imoLite more secret information about secret settings and secret futures.

Are you tired of paying high fees for your communication services? Are you looking for a way to stay connected with friends and family without breaking the bank? Look no further than imo free video calls and messages!

imo is a free and user-friendly messaging and video call app that allows you to stay connected with the people who matter most. With imo, you can make high-quality video and voice calls, as well as send text messages and share photos and videos, all for free.

One of the key benefits of imo is its simplicity. The app is easy to download and install, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to use. You can quickly and easily add contacts, make calls, and send messages, all from the same app.

Another benefit of imo is its reliability. The app is designed to provide a stable and consistent connection, so you can trust that your calls and messages will go through, even in areas with poor internet coverage.

imo is also a great option for people who want to save money on their communication services. As mentioned, the app is completely free to use, so you can make as many calls and send as many messages as you want without incurring any additional charges.

Additionally, imo offers a range of fun and useful features to enhance your messaging and video call experience. You can use imo to create group chats, share your location, and even use fun stickers and emojis to add some personality to your conversations.

Overall, imo free video calls and messages is a great option for anyone looking for a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to stay connected with friends and family. Download the app today and start enjoying the benefits of IMO!

IMO Lite is a lightweight version of the IMO instant messaging and video chat app. It is designed to be faster and use less data than the full version of IMO, making it suitable for use on older devices or in areas with slow or unreliable internet connections.

IMO Lite offers many of the same features as the full version of IMO, including high-quality audio and video calls, support for group chats, and the ability to share photos and videos with friends and family. Some additional features available in the Lite version include the ability to customize your chat backgrounds and send stickers and emoji to your contacts.

We are trying to give our experience based on the experience of using IMO for a long time

IMO lite resent review Google Play Store

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imo lite resent review Google Play Store

imo lite resent review Google Play Store

imo lite resent review Google Play Store

Yes, imo is totally free. But they also have premium versions. The free version usually shows ads. The premium version does not show any ads and adds some extra functions. Through which you get a better experience using imo.

Can I download and set up the Imo app?

imo Lite Play Store          Search imo Lite    install imo      imo Lite install        installing imo      open imo lite         Setup imo lite

Yes, you can download imo anyway. If you want to download from your anaddroid phone, then first of all you need to go to the google play store. There you will find a search option at the top. Then write the imo app in the search option. After searching, you will see that imo apps have come forward. The install will be written next to imo apps.

Tap on the install button and the download will start. And in the case of computers, you will first search the google play store. From there you can download it in the same way.

How I know who is online on imo ?

who is online on imo

Of course, you will know who is online in your imo contract. To understand who is online imo, many people notice the green color next to who’s id.

If you check like this, you cannot be 100% sure who is online and who is not. Because once a person comes online and leaves again, even then a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes he is seen online.

You can use alternative methods to check accurately. That is, if the person you want to see is online, send an emoji to his imo id. After sending the emoji, two tick marks will appear next to the following emoji.

If you see two tick marks, you will know that he is 100% online imo. And if there is a tick mark, then you know that he is not online.

How can hide my imo number?

hide my imo number


Yes, you can hide your imo number if you want. It all depends on your usage of imo. Until now, imo apps have not created setting to hide imo id number. But you can hide your number in one way.

The way to hide number is if you want to add someone’s imo id. Then you have to add from your phone. The imo numbers you add from your phone will not be able to see your number in any way. This is the only way you can hide your imo number.

What is IMO voice Club?

IMO voice Club

Currently imo is the most popular social media. And imo voice club is the most popular chat room of imo apps. In imo voice club, many IDs can be connected together and chat. So many friends can chat together. Besides, many friends who are far away can chat together.

What is the imo lite app used for?

That’s why imo is used. So, using imo costs less. Many times you can contact your loved ones at a low cost. You can make audio, video calls, and chat. There are also many useful mediums.

What are the good points of imo lite 😍?

  • Very easy to install.
  • Its interface is very easy.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Its performance is also good.
  • Takes less memory space.
  • Does not cut more MB.

Speaking from our experience. The performance of imo lite apps is very good. But there are some problems. Which we mentioned below

What are the bad points of imo lite 😒?

  • Almost all apps have a bad side.
  • We have been using imo for a long time.
  • Got some bad side of imo from our experience.
  • Like being added to someone who is already unknown.
  • Add shows frequently.
  • Add to the group without your knowledge etc.

How can I update my imo?

How do you update imo lite. If the update version of the imo app you are using comes. Then first you open your play store directly. Then search by writing imo lite in the search option of play store. Your used imo lite will appear on top of all applications.
Here is the way to know your application.

In other imo apps, it will be written install, but in your app, it will be written update. Then just tap on your app and it will be updated. There are many other ways, but this is the best way.


What is the difference between IMO and IMO Lite?

You will see some differences between IMO and IMO lite. For example, if the phone you are using is an older model. And if you install imo then you will see that your phone will become much slower than before.

Tap to open the imo app and it will open slowly. Because IMO app is a very big file which is about 35 MB .imo takes up a lot of space in your phone storage. And IMO the lite app is only a 6 MB file.

So it takes up very little space in the phone storage. So it works very fast on any phone. IMO lite app features ad-free, high-quality audio and video call performance.

What’s more interesting is that IMO lite works very fast even on a 2G network. This is not possible IMO. Besides, there are many small and big differences

Can I use the same imo lite account on 2 phones?

Can I use the same imo lite account on 2 phones

Yes, you can always use the same imo on multiple phones. Ways to use multiple phones. First, install the IMO app on the phone where you want to open an imo account.

Then while setting up IMO on that phone, when you get the option to set a phone number, enter your same IMO number. After entering the number, a 6-digit verification code will be sent to the phone where the SIM card is activated.

Entering that code will activate imo on that phone. This way you can use the same IMO on multiple phones.

IMO lite shows your numbers?

Yes shows the IMO number. You can see your number on imo profile. First, tap on the IMO app to see the number you opened imo with. After opening the application, you will go directly to your imo profile.

Go to the profile and notice that your profile number is shown below along with the name. Also if you look to the right of the number you will see there is a click option to see more.

Tap on that option and you will see the complete details of your emo. It will show your IMO number above. This way you can see your IMO number.

Does IMO lite work without SIM?

Yes, imo works without a sim. But to use IMO without SIM, here’s what you need to do. For example, suppose the SIM you install IMO on is active on another phone.

Then you will install IMO application from the google play store. After installation, when you set up the IMO app on your phone, enter the active SIM number on the other phone.

After entering the number, a 6-digit verification code will be sent to your SIM. Then replace that code in your imo’s verify space. After replacing the code your IMO setup will be complete. This way after imo installation you won’t need that sim anymore.

Now activate another sim in your phone and recharge MB. You can run IMO by recharging MB or use IMO with WiFi without SIM, MB. Now if you only use IMO in wifi then you don’t need any sim card.

How do I know who has viewed my IMO lite profile?

Yes, you can always find out who is looking at your imo profile. Check your IMO profile to know. First, you open your IMO app.    Then, you will go to your imo profile.

There you will see a bell button icon on the top right corner of your profile photo/cover photo. If you tap on that bell button icon, you’ll see it says Recent Visitors at the top.

This is the most recent visitor ID to view your profile. There you can also find out who has viewed your profile in the last 30 days including the last 7 days. That’s the only way to know.

What are the features of Imo lite?

IMO lite has many features. For example, IMO lite is the best among the total 4 versions of IMO, IMO beta, IMO HD, and IMO lite. IMO app authorities first tested their new future with IMO lite.

So using IMO lite from inside the IMO app you will get future IMO top-ups. IMO lite runs very fast. The phone takes up very little storage space. Messages and pictures can be sent very quickly.

Also has many futures which are better than other IMO apps.

IMO Lite is a messaging and voice/video call app that allows users to communicate with each other over the internet. It is a lightweight version of the IMO app and is designed to work on lower-end devices with limited resources.

IMO Lite offers many of the same features as the full IMO app, including audio and video calls, instant messaging, and group chat. It also has features such as end-to-end encryption to protect user privacy and the ability to send photos and videos.

One of the main benefits of IMO Lite is its smaller size and lower resource requirements, which make it ideal for use on devices with limited storage or processing power. It is also available on a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop.

Overall, IMO Lite is a reliable and easy-to-use app for staying in touch with friends and family through audio and video calls, chat, and more.

IMO Lite is a free messaging and video call app that allows users to communicate with friends and family via audio and video calls, as well as send and receive text and media messages. The app is lightweight and designed for users with lower-end devices or limited data plans, making it an accessible and convenient option for staying in touch with loved ones.

To use IMO Lite, you will need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, create an account, and add your contacts. You can then make audio and video calls, as well as send and receive messages, with anyone on your contact list who also has the app installed.

IMO Lite also offers a number of features to enhance your communication experiences, such as end-to-end encryption for secure messaging, the ability to create and join group chats, and the option to share photos and videos.

Overall, IMO Lite is a reliable and user-friendly app that makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family no matter where you are.

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