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How to Nid Card Download Bangladesh

After we apply to be a voter, we have to wait for some time for our voter NID card to be available. Moreover, it takes more than a few months to get this card. In that case, if we want, we can download it online in just 10 minutes and use it for all purposes.

Many may have a question about whether this card can be used for all purposes. With this NID card, you can do any work with the original card. There are a few steps to follow to download the NID card which I will discuss below step-by-step.

First of all we have to enter NID official website. For that you have to search Google for NID download. After typing it and searching, we have to enter the first website that comes up. I am giving the screenshot below and giving the link, you can open it directly from here.

Search on Google Nid Download

Nid Cart Download

Nid Website interface

I have marked with more symbols which websites we need to enter to get. Apart from this website you cannot download NID card without any other website. Be sure to follow the screenshot carefully and open this website first.

It is good to say that this website sometimes causes problems. Your website may take a long time to load or the website server may be down sometimes, wait patiently for it and if not possible now try again later but it is not down for very long maybe down for a few hours remains.

nid card downloading website

Nid Downloading From

After the site is fully loaded, it will be written here রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন. We have to click on this button, and after clicking on this button, a form will open. Then through that religion, we have to fill in some information it will say NID card or form number your date of birth, and capture to be filled. After giving this information correctly,

you have to go to the next step. Now, if you do not have a NID card, you cannot enter the NID card number here. If you have a form number then enter that form number here then enter your date of birth correctly here. After giving, there will be a capture and fill it correctly and click on the সমষ্টি button.

Nid Card downloading from

Then you will be shown a pop-up where you have to click on the বহাল button

Nid Card downloading from

Address Information Submissions

Then you will notice that a new one has been opened. Here you will give all your address information including district, then village postal code, etc. you will fill them with the correct information if this information is wrong in any way then you will not be able to go to the next step so you must take awareness while filling this information.

Nid Download Form

Phone Number Verification

After submitting this information correctly, your phone needs to be verified. That is, a port will go to the number you gave, if you do not have that number for any reason, then you can change the number if you want. After filling this six-digit code correctly, go to the next step.

Phone number verification

Nid Download Face verification App

After coming this far, now the most important discipline has to be observed. You will need an Android phone which should have an app called NID Old. You can easily get it in a play store, after that I am giving you the link. If you want, you can download it from here. After downloading it properly, install it and scan this QR code through the app. App link 🔗 Click here

face verification nid download

Then this app will guide you on how to verify your face. According to that instruction, you will verify your face properly. I’ve given photos above on how to do it, but once you open the app you’ll understand what the instructions are giving you.

Correct face verification then your page will be automatically redirected to your profile in this case you may need two phones if you are using a phone and if you are using a computer then you will need an extra phone to scan the QR code and do face verification.

Nid Downloading Home Page

Nid Card Online Copy

Now to download your NID card click on the download button. As soon as you click on the download button, your N ID card will be instantly downloaded to your computer or mobile phone.

If you have a printer in the form of PDF, then you can print it yourself, moreover, if you want, you can go to a store with that PDF file, after printing that PDF file, you have to cut it properly and if it is done by machine, the original ID card is in the online copy. There will be no difference.

Nid Card Online Copy

We have tried through this post to explain step-by-step how to extract your own ID card online in a very easy way. And tried to show but if you have any problem understanding then we will give a video in a few days.

You can watch that video, if your problem is not solved after watching the video, then you can tell us about your problem in the comments. We definitely read your comments carefully and try to solve all the problems.

How To NId Card Check only 2 minutes

One important point is that sometimes we need to check whether all the information on our NID card is correct, that is to say in a word we may need to verify our NID card sometimes. Tried to cover through.

If you want you can check the post through which we can verify any NID card in just two minutes whether that NID card is original or duplicate.

Most Common Questions People Also Asking

1. If you do not get the NID card, can you get the NID card number?

If you don’t have your NID card, you can easily get your NID number online through your voter slip. If you don’t have a voter slip then you can find your NID number by searching your name through the voter list. The voter slip is usually with the member of the area and you can find the seat in this voter list just by searching.

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