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Redmi Go Phone Battery Condition

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Redmi Go uses a Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. The battery is 3000 mAh but its performance is very low. The users of this phone have to endure a lot of pain. It can provide up to five hours of service once fully charged. And if the data is active on the phone, then it gives a maximum service of two and a half hours.

So using this phone is very painful. Also, this phone takes a long time to fully charge. The charging performance of the phone is very slow. It takes 200 minutes to complete 100% charge in this phone’s battery, that is, it takes two minutes for each percent, which is three hours and twenty minutes.

Then it can be seen that it takes three hours and twenty minutes to fully charge, but if the data is kept on, it can remain active for a maximum of two and a half hours. Again, you will notice from time to time, Supoz removed the phone from the charger when it was 20% charged.

The strange thing is that after taking the phone off the charger, you will see the automatic charge showing 21 percent. Once again, you will notice that Sapoj stopped using the phone while it was charged at 30% percent. A little later you will see that the charge has automatically become 31% with the phone. How is this possible?

How bad is the performance of a 3000-ampere battery in a phone with a display size of only 5 inches? Redmi / Xiaomi company has used the worst battery in this phone. I buy this phone due to financial problems. But I was very conscious about the battery.

I thought redmi is a good brand and since a 3000 amp battery is used in this phone the battery performance will be very good. I was very happy when I bought the phone, maybe once it is fully charged I can run it all day worry-free. But after buying it I saw its performance is very bad. I have been suffering from this problem for about three and a half years.

Remi Go Phone Storage Performance

The storage performance of the phone is very poor. 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage still very bad performance. Very large storage but if you don’t put any files, photos, or videos on the phone’s memory card, just installing a few apps will fill up the memory card.

Moreover, if you use an extra memory card. Even if the extra memory card is loaded at 4/5 GB, the set becomes slow. If you load some percentage of the extra memory card, the phone works upside down. Sometimes if you tap to open an application, it will automatically exit the application.

Think you are running Facebook, Facebook will automatically shut down and kick you out. If you load any photos or new documents in memory it takes a long time to show them in a gallery or in the memory itself. It takes 25/30 seconds to move any document from one file to another file.

Whereas Ananya moves within 2/3 seconds on similar storage phones. Minimizing sites take a long time to open. The application does not open immediately after clicking, takes some time. If using any pattern lock or password lock on this phone.

While opening this lock, the lock does not open as soon as you finish typing your password, it takes some time. After entering the password, it seems that the phone screen has not been touched.

If the memory of this phone is fully loaded, the phone becomes completely unusable. It becomes so slow that it becomes impossible to run. Keep the storage of this phone free as much as you will enjoy using it.
And it is not possible to use the phone with free storage.

Redmi Go Phone Network Performance

The network performance of the redmi go phone is very weak. It is a 4G support phone but the network performance is very low. If the phone is a little far from the network area, it switches to a 2G network. Whereas normal phones of other brands also use 4G network.

If the data is turned on while the phone has 4G network, it works slowly. And 3G network does not want to work at all. No application runs faster on 3G network. Facebook, Messenger, Emu, and Whatsapp work very slowly which is very painful.

Other brands of phones with similar network performance provide much better network service. Some time where this phone shows emergency calls only text. Their button phone network works easily.

Sometimes I noticed that Redmi go phone data doesn’t work on 3G network.
I think the company has cheated people by making this phone. Because there are many highly performance details about the phone. People bought the phone after seeing the description of good performance.

After using it, everyone understood the poor performance of the phone. It doesn’t have half the substance as described. The information is given from the use experience of three and a half years.

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