Ridmik Keyboard Old Version (Support All Phone ) 3.1.8

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Ridmik Keyboard is a popular keyboard app for Android devices that was designed to make typing in the Bengali language easier and more efficient. The app features a user-friendly interface and a variety of features that make it easy to type and edit text in Bengali.

The old version of Ridmik Keyboard, version 3.1.8, is still available for download and is compatible with a wide range of Android phones. Some of the features of this version of the app include:

  • A variety of input methods: Ridmik Keyboard supports multiple input methods, including transliteration, handwriting, and phonetic input, so you can choose the one that works best for you.
  • Customization options: You can customize the look and feel of the keyboard by changing the theme, font, and layout.
  • Word prediction: The app uses artificial intelligence to predict the words you are likely to type next, making it easier to type quickly and accurately.
  • Emoji support: Ridmik Keyboard includes a wide range of emojis that you can use to express yourself in your messages.
  • Multilingual support: In addition to Bengali, Ridmik Keyboard also supports English, so you can easily switch between languages as needed.

Overall, Ridmik Keyboard is a useful tool for anyone who needs to type in Bengali on their Android phone. If you are using an older version of the app, such as version 3.1.8, it may not have all of the latest features and updates, but it is still a reliable and user-friendly keyboard app.

Ridmik Keyword is old version.

The easiest typing fun you will find in this old version. Although the version is old, it is still popular. Because this keyword is still performing better than other keywords.

Its functions are very simple. Anyone can understand the entire setting in just one attempt and type very quickly. There are many of us who cannot type fast.

Can’t fast replay while chatting with someone. So you can solve this problem by using this keyboard. Because it will help you a lot to type faster. Once you type a word in this keyword it is saved automatically.

Suppose if the word is 5 letters long, then if you write only 3 letters then the previously written word will be displayed. As you type any word it will automatically show related words. This way you can chat very quickly

How to download Ridmik keyword old version?

Ridmik Apk Download

We download various applications from the play store very easily. And Play Store apps are mostly updated versions. And now the year 2022 is running. So now you will not find redmi keyword old version app in the play store.

But you can download old version very easily from the Chrome browser apart from the play store. We are well aware that all smartphones have Chrome browser.

So first open the chrome application on your phone. Then you will find the search bar in the browser. Search by typing the keyword redmi old version in this search bar.

There you will see different versions of keyboards. But you will download version 3.1.8.

Are older versions of Ridmik keyboard better?

Yes, this keyboard is much better than other keywords. It takes less space in your phone storage which is only 2.6MB and it works very fast. Can write in many languages ​​apart from Bengali, English, and Hindi.

Although it is an older version, its performance is much better than other applications. So still most smartphone users are using this keyboard. On this keyboard

  You will find many emojis of your choice. You can voice type very nicely and you can use the theme of your choice. It will automatically suggest related keywords as you type on the keyboard.

Suggested words can be collected and written very quickly if you need them. You can also show the number pad if you want. If you want, you can make the keyboard smaller and larger to show the numbers. You can easily copy recent text.

How can I type Bengali on Android?

Bangla Typing

If you want, you can easily type Bengali on your used Android phone. To type Bangla, you first need to open the keyboard on your phone.

Then enter the keyboard settings. Go to Settings and you will see an option called Language. After opening this option you will see a button called add keyword below.

you click on this option, you will see many languages. Now from here, you will select the Bengali language. Now come back to the main keyboard and you will see that a globe-like option has been added below the keyboard.

You will have the option to change as many languages ​​as you select by clicking here. Here if you select Bangla language you will see all Bangla characters on your keyboard.

Now you can type Bangla very easily. From here you can also do Bangla voice typing if you want.

This keyboard is designed in such a way that it is also available for ios. Its future is very advanced and is very capable to write English as well as Bangla on ios.

This app is completely free and has no ad hassles. So you can use it on ios without any problem.

Is Ridmik keyboard safe?

Of course, the Redmi keyboard is absolutely safe. It is the only reliable keyboard among all keyboards. Because it never collects your personal information. Does not access data stored on your phone.

You can use this keyboard with confidence. If you want, you can check this keyboard from the official page of Redmi Keyboard, which cares more about personal data than your own.

How do I change keyboards?

Keybord Chang

To use this keyboard first we can download it from our play store or google.

After downloading, complete installation is required.

Then you can choose which keyboard you want to select as your default.

If not available here, you can do it very easily from the settings.

How you can use it is shown below with screenshots. How you can do these settings in a very easy way.

How do I change my keyboard style?

Stayle Change

Redmi keyboard is a very popular keyboard in Bangladesh. There are many settings for Android phones to change the style.

A very popular style among them is the keyboard background.

You can add colors and photos as you like and this keyboard is very professional and its layout can be changed.

Redmi keyboard has many layouts. From there you can select any layout as the default style in Edge.

Also if you want you can customize it in different colors and different styles as per your choice.

How do I resize my Ridmik keyboard?


Yes, you can easily resize this keyboard if you want. You can change the keyboard to different shapes. To do this, first, you enter the keyboard settings.

Go to settings and you will see an option called appearance and layouts.

Now if you enter the option called appearance and layouts, you will see seven options in layouts, from now on you can resize the keyboard in portrait and landscape mode.

After tabbing this keyboard height button, you will see several resizing sections.

Here you will find the option to change the keyboard size to about seven sizes. Now you can select the desired size from here.


How can I set Bengali keyboard on mobile?

Yes, you can always set the Bengali keyboard on your mobile. All you need to do is to set the Bengali keyboard on your mobile. If your mobile doesn’t have a keyboard, install any keyboard from Play Store/App Store.

Suppose you have installed Rhythmic Keyboard. After installation, you will now enter the keyboard settings. There you will find many types of functions.

Among them, you will see Add Keyboard Language written in the settings. After tapping this option you will get unlimited languages ​​including Bengali.

As you want to set the Bangla keyboard then select the Bangla language. If you select Bengali there, your keyboard will become Bengali. In this way, you can set the Bangla keyboard on your mobile.


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