Symphony L40 Price in Bangladesh 2020, Full Specs & Reviews

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This phone is a Symphony company phone and we usually know that Symphony company phones are fairly high quality but we should know about that phone before purchasing all the phones so for your convenience I will try to give as many ideas as possible if possible. If you read this post you will get a complete idea about this phone and even consider Arabena that this phone is not for you.

Symphony L40 Basic information:

Phone Name Symphony L40
Brand Name: Symphony
Model Number: L40
Phone Color: Black, Grey, Red, Dark Blue
Release Date: November 2018
Made By: China
Battery: Li-ion 1700 mAh
Voltage: DC 3.7-4.44Wh
Battery Removable: Yes

This battery is removable

Display Screen Size 2.4 Inches Display
Display Type:  QQVGA
Display Resolution: 320*240px
Sim Card Use: Dual Sim Support
Camera: 0.3MP

China Keypad Phone Camera quality is not Good

Media Player Support: MP4\MP3\AVI\3GP
FM Radio: Yes
Memory Card Support: Up to 16 GB
Speaker quality: Good Very Good This speaker quality
Battery Power
Saving Mode:
[ No,
[This Phone Not Use Power Saving Mode
[Power Saving Mode is a Very Good Option
[For Any Mobile Phone
Camera Flash Light: No
Torch Light: Yes,
Use Normal Torch Light
Data Services: GPRS, Bluetooth
Battery Stand Time: 400 Hours
[ Dependant on phone setting and network ]
Talk Time: 18 Hours
[ Dependant on phone setting and network ]
Warranty: 1-year free servicing

Symphony L40 Flash File Download Link

This file is totally free and without password


Symphony L40 Look like?

Symphony L40

You will find four types of colors on this phone that is quite nice to see: The phone I am talking about uses a mix of colors, green and blue. A good quality speaker is used through a very large or a very small or a medium, although not sleek. Still, the plastic button is used on the phone to look good even though I don’t like it but still With the use of these buttons, I have realized very well that the display used on this phone is my favorite thing to talk about the outside of the phone, it can be said to look quite nice, but now the current China phones are all the same. Let’s say that when you buy the phone, then look at the phone from the top of the phone and then see which one Roy will.

Symphony L40 Basic hardware information:

Symphony L40

If you have to talk about the parts of any phone, the motherboard of that phone comes first, I sometimes tell myself that the motherboard that the Symphony company is giving us many other Chinese phones cannot provide the motherboard of this quality.

I am already satisfied with the motherboard of this phone because if the motherboard is full If the quality is good then the phone will be lusting for a long time so this is motherboard The more

I talk about the cord, the better the sound quality will be given by an advanced speaker used on that phone, and the charging socket on this phone has been used but the charging socket ta seems better to me than other phones.

If you notice, two lines have been pulled out next to the charging socket As a whole I would like to say that the build quality of this phone is very good in terms of price which other phones cannot afford.

CPU Name: Spd/Spreadtrum
CPU Model Number: SPD 6531 E
Flash File Size: 3.00 MB
Network IC Name: ………
Network IC Model Number: …………..
Charging IC Pin: 4 * 4 = 8 Pins
Charging Put Name: 8600 Micro USB Port
Display Pin: 24 Pins
Flash IC: No [ Use CPU ic ]
Ear Speakers: No
Out Speakers: Yes [ Ear Speaker and Out Speaker One Speaker ]
Microphone quality: This phone Use a Universal mic
Battery Performance: Not Good for all time User
Motherboard quality: This Phone Motherboard quality is Bast
Software version: ……….
Flash tools Name: Miracle Box
[Bast tools for all SPD 6531 E ic flashing ]
GSM: 900/1800 MHz

Symphony L40 Display how will it?

The display of this phone is a large display and the display of this phone has a quality display many displays are not usually seen very well but in this display, you can easily see very beautiful.

Symphony L40 Price:

Bangladesh: 950 Taka
India: 798Rupee
China: 78 Yuan
Pakistan: 1730 Rupee

Symphony L40 Matherbord how will?

I always say that the motherboards of the symphony sets are pretty much the same as those phones that are used on this beautiful motherboard tee. Unlike the phones that are now motherboard of China phones Who nice motherboard.

Symphony L40 Keypad how will?

Do not make a very good impression by pressing the buttons on this phone as Samsung has found on these phones. These buttons are made of plastic. You will have a lot of trouble pressing them and the possibility of pressing one and the other.

Symphony L40 camera how will?

I sometimes say that the cameras that are used by Chinese keypad phones in the present era are not really called cameras because the cameras of the phones that are coming to market now are terribly abnormal, so these button phones do not seem to be used anymore but yes one time.

These were cameras that met the needs of many hobbyists but now these cameras have no other value There is much to say about the camera, so there is nothing to tell you the truth if you buy a keypad phone is not on his feet to the camera.

Symphony L40 Battery how will?

This phone 1700-ampere battery is used on the Symphony battery. Just want to talk with this phone then you can talk for 5 hours continuously and if normal If you use 400 hours abe able to use a backup so I think it’s much better that you will not find in other normal phone battery backup so I’m happy, and I also think that you will be satisfied.

Symphony L40 Software info:

This phone If you have to talk about software then I would say one in a hundred because in the current age the demands we make with Android are wrong that we can fill in a few with this button phone.

These phones are available for reading various magazines on Facebook. The phone will play an ideal role for you so it is best not to talk about the software of this phone Well you safely can use it.


Security: [ Phone lock ]
[ Call history Lock ]
[ Sms Lock ]
[ Call Black List ]
[ Keypad Lock ]
[ File lock ]
[SIM Lock ]
Connectivity: GP-INTERNET
Restore Setting: Restore Default Pin:
Language: Bangla
Battery Power Saving Mode: NO, this phone is not used power-saving mode
Call Setting: Auto Redial
Call Time Reminder
Answer Mode
No Auto Receive Mode
Recording: Voice Record
Auto Call Record
Video Record
Alarm: Yes
Calculator: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Facebook : No
Call Timers: Yes
Meeting Mode: Yes
Games: Tweety Bird
Kandy Crash
Magic Cat
Stopwatch: Yes
USB Mass Yes
USB Modem: No
Browser: No
Java Support: No,
[Keypad Phone Java is a very good option]
[But is not used Java service ]


Symphony L40 Sound quality:

There are many of us who love to listen to music but if your phone does not sound good but the joy of listening to the music will be lost but this phone will give you a fairly good sound. The speaker of this phone has been used.

The sound of this speaker can be very nice I personally like this speaker very much So I am saying that you must like the sound of this speaker, you will be satisfied with the sound.

Symphony L40 Warranty Recruitment:

When we purchase a new phone, that phone has a one-year service warranty. This warranty is given on every phone. This means that if your phone is a problem, that phone company will fix any money you have.

No need to spend keypad phones usually offer a one-year servicing warranty ie if this is within one year If your phone is a problem then they will be servicing it completely free of charge but if they have any laws for breaking these rules or for any reason then you will be deprived of their service warranty but if you can fully comply with these laws.

But you can take care of these rules but you can accept their full-service Many people do not know as far as I can I’ll try these laws discussed in order for your convenience I have these laws mention giving you very carefully Laws Make sure you know.

  • Your phone into the water is lost, then the warranty will end up.
  • In the fire of a then it will not be eligible loss warranty,
  • For any due, if you fall out of your hands, there Or hurt the phone, failure no longer warranty are eligible to be.
  • Electric no problem with your phone, a short circuit would be for the phone company is not liable.
  • To make phone calls while you some documents will be in the papers warrant time need it if you do not, your phone warranty service will be deprived of the.
  • Different companies hold different Warranty Service Provides 6 months Someone one year Someone can pay two years Someone five years But If you have any problem during the amount of time you are given then that phone company will.
  • Take responsibility for it but if that time is over The company will not take any further responsibility if it goes
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